Since the inception of Survey, Inc. we have maintained an affiliation with the companies below. Our goal here is to provide you with the names of professional organizations that have welcomed us into their fold because of our consistent professionalism over the last 40+ years.

We at Survey, Inc. are privileged to be a part of the following organizations.

The Maine Society of Land Surveyors

The Maine Society of Land Surveyors was founded for the benefit and fellowship of Land Surveying Profession. As a forum for learning and enhancement of the profession, MSLS liasons regionally with local chapters to allow membership and representation statewide of the Land Surveying Profession.

In addition to individual enhancement, the Maine Society of Land Surveying strives to recruit, train and support student and apprentice membership. Local, state and regional scholarship funds and activities are sponsered by MSLS member dues, donations and fundraisers. MSLS monitors state legislative activity. MSLS offers periodic newletters and publications. MSLS local and state membership meet regularly throughout the year.

National Society of Professional Surveyors

NSPS is the Recognized National Face of the Surveying Profession!

NSPS provides the platform by which members can share their thoughts and opinions about our common interests through business meetings /committees, regional groups, and student chapters. It also provides a forum for input from other groups such as the National Association of County Surveyors, members of state boards of registration, and the Forum for State Surveying Society Executives. NSPS sponsored awards include: NSPS Surveying Excellence Award, NSPS Student Project of the Year, Excellence in Professional Journalism, State Affiliate of the year Map/Plat Competition and University Student Competition.